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6-Week Summer Shape-Up Plan

Transform your body in just 6 weeks

A body transformation plan for women in the Swansea area who are looking to lose fat and get toned

Meet Your Coaches

Hi guys, thanks for checking out our 6-Week Summer Shape-Up Plan.

We are Pro PT Academy, Swansea’s Premier Personal Trainers. We are a team of highly-qualified personal trainers with our own private exercise facility who have vast experience in getting women results.

We will be your coaches and provide you with all the motivation and support you need to transform your body.

We know what it feels like to hit the gym religiously and not get the results you feel you’ve worked for.

The 6-Week Summer Shape-Up Plan is here to change that.

No more endless hours of cardio or buckets of sweat on the spin bike. We will show you exactly what exercises you should be doing to develop the body you’ve always wanted…..and have fun doing it!

Now it won’t be easy, hard work and dedication is required if you want to see a change in 6 weeks, but your goals are achievable. And we are here to make sure you reach them!

We’re looking forward to working with you. Let’s get into the plan.

Meet your coaches

What is the 6-Week Summer Shape-Up Plan?

The 6-Week Summer Shape-Up Plan is 6 weeks’ worth of one-2-one Personal Training at our private exercise facility in Swansea.

You’ll work hard but you’ll also learn a lot about training, nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

This will result in a big change to your physique which you can sustain after the 6 weeks.

There’s no magic pill or quick fix, just 6 weeks of working hard, nailing the basics and forming good habits for the future.

Is the 6-Week Summer Shape-Up Plan right for me?

This plan is right for you if:
  • You are struggling to nail down a consistent training plan.
  • You have been trying to lose fat for 3 months and had little-to-no success.
  • You have no idea what you should be doing in the gym.
  • You are bored of spending hours plodding along on cardiovascular machines.
  • You are tired of being out of shape and low in energy.
  • You want to be able to wear clothes you like.
  • You want to feel a sense of achievement and self-confidence.
  • You need a little help until you feel confident on your own.
  • You want to learn how to form positive life-long habits with training and nutrition.
  • You will benefit from the motivation, support and accountability a Personal Trainer can provide.

Here’s what you get when you sign up

3 x 1 hour Personal Training sessions per week for 6 weeks at our private gym in Swansea (18 total sessions).

A 6-Week Training Plan which includes workouts for you to do in between your Personal Training sessions.

A copy of our eBook, Understanding Nutrition for Fat Loss.

Advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle and manage stress.

Ongoing support from your Personal Trainer and education on how to maintain the results you achieve in the 6 weeks.

Access to our private Facebook group where you can interact with like-minded people who have similar goals to yourself.

A complimentary Sports Massage voucher.

We think the 6-Week Summer Shape-Up Plan is awesome, but don’t take our word for it!

Fran T, Swansea

“At the age of 53 (and all the challenges associated with that age group – known only to women!), my goals were to shape up (mentally and physically!), de-stress and remind myself that getting fit could be fun! Oh, and get bikini fit in time for my impending holiday. I met 99% of those goals easily within 6 weeks. I lost weight, inches and having received great advice from my Personal Trainer on nutrition, completely re-vamped my diet – best of all, I can now cook too. I was completely hooked and have been having 3 sessions per week since I completed the 6-week plan. I love it and really look forward to each session. I just turn up and get 60 full minutes of professional advice. Can I remember the name of the exercises or the weight that I lift? Can I heck! Do I need to know? Not really as I get 100% professional advice and a tailored program each session and importantly, the results speak for themselves. I can even see the muscle definition in my arms (round of applause please!). I’m less stressed; more toned and because of a professionally guided change of diet, am feeling great! Oh! I almost forgot, for the mathematicians amongst you (or just those interested in reading this) – in case you’re wondering about that elusive 1% of  not achieved goals – I went to a remote Spanish island for my holidays where I knew no-one and didn’t care whether anyone thought that I looked good in my bikini or not! I felt great! I’d recommend Pro PT to anyone.

Christine H, Swansea

“I have used Personal Training services in the past with varying results so felt I knew what to look for. Knowledgeable, professional, reliable, and good value for money were all key. However, the real aim was obviously to get results, but have fun too. Based on my experience over the 6 weeks, I have now committed to 3 sessions a week for at least 6 months – yes, they really are that good! If you have no/little knowledge, then don’t worry as they do it all for you (except the exercises of course – you do have to do that bit yourself! If you are interested in understanding the concepts and theory behind your uniquely tailored program then they are happy to explain, and boy do they know their stuff. Each Personal Trainer has their own style, but all training is planned and they all understand your goals and where you are at. This means that every session progresses you in a coordinated fashion whilst keeping your interest as you are working with different Personal Trainers. I was coming back to training after an injury but now feel stronger than ever. I cannot recommend Pro PT strongly enough. You will see results and will enjoy getting there – what could be better than that?”

Sounds good, how much is it?


That’s a saving of over £100*

*on the equivalent amount of PT sessions

Are you ready?

(client requirements)

You are female
You are over the age of 18
You are willing to listen and learn from your Personal Trainer
You are available to train 3 times per week at our studio for 6 consecutive weeks
You are willing to complete set workouts outside of your PT sessions
You are fully committed and ready to make a change

Yes, I want to transform my body

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